Get Ahead Writing is an educational consulting company
which specializes in providing instructional support and
materials for the writing application standards. We work
with K-12 schools on narrative, response to literature,
description, summary, persuasive, research report, and
expository (compare/contrast, problem/solution,
explanation) writing.

The direct instruction methods are patent-pending and
have been used by more than 70 schools in 5 California
counties. We use research based professional
development models which include theory,
demonstration, practice, feedback, and coaching.

The annual student testing data supports the research.
Schools which have worked with us the longest have-on
average- the most improvement in language arts at the
4th grade level.

Created by a former teacher and expert in the area of
English Language Learners and the methods which are
most effective in working with students, Get Ahead
Writing offers schools and districts more than just a
writing program. We work with schools on improving the
delivery of instruction, which will ultimately change the
way students and teachers perform.

For more information or to set up a visit to your school,
please contact Matthew Stark, Director of Sales and
Marketing at 949-690-2057 or email at -